What is kaldin?

Kaldin is online examination and evaluation system, which enables examiner/interviewer/college to set the online test for candidates.

Who can register with us?

Teachers/tutors/company from educational/professional institutes. Registered members get many benefits and offers from Kaldin.

How do I register at kaldin?

Just click the ‘Login’ in top links to register. Registration at kaldin is easy or you can ask your institute/company to register with us.

How do I start using kaldin?

• Register and become a member • Get a account and create your custom test. • Schedule test for the candidates. • Review the test reports after test.

How can I create test?

After registering with us, you can get sample test papers in your account, you can select any one paper and start the test or you can create your custom paper.

What’s special about the Kaldin that partners can sell?

You can automate the examination system and take test/exams more frequently, get results in one second, compare student

Can I join now?

Sure, why not. Get started now.